Math for Dessert: Games for Children

Jane Kats|ISBN: 1496017811| 9781496017819

You don’t have to be a college graduate with a degree in math or a professional teacher to teach preschoolers mathematics. All you need is the desire to enthrall the children with subjects that YOU are interested in, in addition to some sensitivity and flexibility of the mind, so you can guess the children’s needs and adapt the games in the course of playing. And these games can be very diverse. After all, the main thing that is worth teaching them is the ability to think and to reason, to analyze the options, to search for different solutions and to make their own small discoveries. This can be learned not only while sitting behind a desk, but also while lying on a carpet or even hopping on three legs. This book is a collection of our favorite ‘math games’ that turn our classes into fun celebrations as opposed to boring study sessions.